Consolidation Module

The online module serves to deepen the knowledge acquired. On the one hand, the advanced module is divided into OLAT courses. These address (subject-)specific requirements such as an introduction to online teaching or the use of playful elements in university teaching (gamification). On the other hand, they are carried out in the form of online and face-to-face workshops on topics such as "creating learning videos" or "using activating methods in the classroom".

Four components must be processed from the entire offer of the specialization module (from all existing OLAT courses and workshops). The offer can vary in the semesters and the contents are explained in the UZH Course Catalogue and in the OLAT course.

The module has a workload of approx. 30 hours and can be booked with the regular booking within the "School for Transdisciplinary Studies" under "Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program». (See here for booking and cancellation deadlines) The content can be accessed on OLAT from the start of the program. The proof of achievement contains, handing in a portfolio based on four selected course contents. The content and services to be provided vary depending on which components (OLAT units or workshops) are selected. The portfolio has to be submitted via OLAT.