The modules of the TQ are not shown on the Academic Record / Transcript of Record, is that correct?

In the new structure: the TA modules will show on the Academic Record.

I would like to book several modules at the same time, is that a good idea or do you advise something else?

Several modules can be completed at the same time, but we advise caution due to the mandatory online activities/ workshops. If all mandatory dates can be attended and there is enough time for self-study, any number of modules can be booked. 

I'm tutoring next semester and would like to have worked through the courses before the start of the semester. Is this possible?

The OLAT courses always start two weeks before the start of the lecture period. This leaves enough time to complete the courses. 

Can the modules be taken at the same time while I'm tutoring?

Yes, that's no problem and can complement the tutoring well.

Does access to the OLAT courses and bookings for online events (e.g. OPR's) mean that I have also booked the module?

No, it doesn't. All modules must be booked via the regular module booking at UZH.

Can I take part in the TA qualification program in my first semester or is that too early?

In principle, this is not a problem, as the program develops didactic skills and competencies as well as tutoring-specific knowledge.

Do I automatically receive a tutoring position after completing the TA qualification program?

No, you don't. The allocation of tutoring positions is the responsibility of the institutes. Your participation in the TA qualification program can be used as a reference.

Since the new program structure starts in HS22, but I started in the old structure, is it still possible to complete the TA qualification-programm with the old program structure in order to receive the certificate?

Yes, the old program structure will still be bookable up to and including FS23. This means that it is possible to attend the remaining modules that still have to be completed in the semesters HS22 and FS23. So that all required 6 modules can be completed and a certificate can be obtained.