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Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program@UZH

Dates and Registration


Fall Semester 2023 dates

The prerequisite for participating is valid enrollment at the University of Zurich. The modules can be booked through the regular booking modules (under the study program "School for Transdisciplinary Studies", browse in "Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification" program) and the content accessed on OLAT starting on Monday, 4.9.2023, 2023 (12 p.m.). Support in case of questions about the program or the courses:

Booking and Cancellation Deadline:

Bookings can be made from 16.08.2023, 10 a.m.

Bookings can be canceled until 10.10.2023, 12 a.m.

Basic Module

A synchronous workshop is mandatory for the basic module. There is a choice of two dates (one online, one on-site), but only one of these must be attended.

1st date: 23.11.2023; 08:00 a.m. (online)

2nd date: 27.11.2023; 16:15 (on site)


Consolidation Module

In the consolidation module, you can choose from several workshops. The workshops take place on the following dates, 2 workshops are mandatory.

Actvating Methods: 11.10.2023; 16:15-19:00 Uhr and 6.12.2023; 16:15-18:00 Uhr (both online).
Learning Video: 26.10.2023; 09:00-18:00 (on-site)
Design your thinking: 31.10.2023; 8:00-16:00 (on-site)


Summer School

Once a year, the TQ Summer School takes place in the summer.

The next Summer School will take place from 4 to 8 September 2023. It will be held in German.

An application is necessary for the Summer School. Please send us a letter of application with reasons for motivation and previous teaching experience to the Team of the TA Qualification program ( by 23.08.2023 at the latest. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 28.08.2023.


Deadline for submissions/sssignments & Feedback

OLAT courses

The deadline for submitting the assignment in the online courses (a so-called workbook) for the fall semester 2023 is 15.12. 2023. Therefore, the courses must be completed during the period between the start of the program and the end of May. Additionally, Members of the must participate in mandatory Online-Meetings. Dates will be communicated in in the OLAT course and here

The assignment  is assessed by us globally in accordance with a fixed set of criteria; in addition, written or oral (peer)feedback is provided on selected exercises for each course. Further information can be found in the courses themselves.


Workshops have separate requirements and deadlines. Dates, schedules and assessments of Workshops can be found above or in the OLAT course.

Weiterführende Informationen


If you would like further information or have comments, please contact us: