Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program@UZH

What is the program about and for whom is it intended?

The Teaching Assistant Qualification Program at the Educational Development is aimed at all students and graduates at the University of Zurich who want to acquire basic qualification in academic teaching. It can also be completed without a specific commitment to teaching, i.d. without a current tutor/teaching assistant engagement. The program supports all participants with practical, low-threshold basic didactic training courses and workshops. The didactic skills that are gained can be used both during the student’s studies as well as in his or her subsequent professional career.

The training is offered online via the UZH learning platform OLAT in combination with Online-Meetings and Workshops on Zoom or MS Teams. For assistants with a current tutorial engagement the courses will usually be combined with further meetings at the professorial chair/institute where the teaching assistant works. For this reason, members of institutes or professorial chairs who supervise teaching assistants may also use the courses as a way of relieving them of some of their own work and ensuring the basic training of their teachings assistants (see Offering for Faculty Partners).

However, individual courses and the entire program may also be completed even without a concrete tutorial/TA appointment.

Following completion of the entire program, participants receive attestation of their didactic skills. Students must pass at least six courses or workshops to successfully complete the program (see Structure and Content).

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