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Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program@UZH

Basic Module

The contents and exercises in 5 parts serve as a basic introduction to activities related to university teaching. The module contains the following components:

  1. Introduction. Position and role 
    The aim of this part is to get to know the different types of tutoring at UZH, to develop an awareness of the role of a TA and to develop ideas for the organizational and didactic planning and design of a tutoring.
  2. Feedback and Assessments
    In this part, central topics of tutoring, such as constructing and evaluating performance records, as well as feedback to students, are discussed. The aim of the part is to promote awareness of different forms of feedback and evaluation and to present and practice important methods.
  3. Presentation and Performance
    This part deals with the central aspects of an authentic and successful performance in tutorials. The aim is for the participants to deal with their own performance skills and to recognize how they can work on them in a targeted manner so that they can present themselves successfully and authentically in the future.
  4. Lesson planning and activation of students and dealing with conflicts
    This part focuses on the awareness of the independent planning of tutorials throughout the semester as well as the planning and implementation of individual lessons, internships or exercises. The aim is for tutors to gain an insight into the various types of tutoring at UZH and to know what options there are for planning tutorials and designing lessons, and to learn how to deal with conflicts
  5. Online teaching
    This part deals with the special challenges of online teaching. In doing so, the above-mentioned areas will be looked at again from the perspective of online teaching and the changes demanded will be addressed.

In addition, one workshop must be attended. You can find the available workshop dates here.

The module has a workload of approx. 30 hours and can be booked with the regular booking within the "School for Transdisciplinary Studies" under "Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program». (See here for booking and cancellation deadlines) The content can be accessed on OLAT from the start of the program. The proof of achievement contains, handing in a portfolio, which is submitted via OLAT.