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Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program@UZH

Start! Summer School

Summer School 2024


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This year, the focus was on practical action and experience. Various topics of university teaching were dealt with: these included dealing with critical situations in teaching and the use of performance skills in different settings. A short teaching unit was also presented, which was then reflected on in the group.

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Didactics & transdisciplinarity

The Start! Summer school is one of the in-depth components of the tutor qualification program. In this hybrid/face-to-face block event, topics from university and student/tutorial teaching with a special focus on transdisciplinary approaches were dealt with in workshops, meetings, discussions and presentations.
In addition, the school dealed with the question of content and goal of transdisciplinary approaches in didactics on a theoretical-reflective level. In view of major social and global problems (digitization, climate change, sustainability, etc.), university teaching and research are increasingly geared towards using the concept of transdisciplinarity to enable university graduates to be able to react adequately to confrontation with these challenges.